Greg Herman

The Lion




Once upon a time in 2009, I was walking down a busy street in Asheville, N.C and was graced by bumping into the mesmerizing
Malachi Achilles, aka Frank Wilcox, genius and street poet. Malachi
asked me, armed with my camera, if I would like a poem. Luckily, I said yes. 
He performed a version of his masterful poem “Dandelion.” 
After I saw the footage, I knew the only thing to do was to honor both Malachi and his voice by creating a film around the poem. 

“The Lion” was born. 

The title is a reference to Malachi, the Lion.

Look development for the film was originally done in 2010 by Lauren Fundora. She explored many different styles of design along the way and I would like to send

her love and gratitude for her time and energy on this project. 
The music is an beautifully composed original score, written by Matthew Nielson, and was recorded, engineered and mixed by Adam Johnson. 
String were played by Amy Lovinger (violin) and Franklin Keele (cello). 
I would like to thank More Chi Black Mountain and Sound Lab Studios for the collaboration to finish this film .
Last but not least, thank you to Malachi Achilles for your spirit and artistry, and for stopping me on the street that day. 

I would like to dedicate the film to both Malachi Achillies and to our lovely Earth. I appreciate you both so much.
~ Greg Herman

Written and Performed by Malachi Achilles
Directed and Produced by Greg Herman
Produced by Matthew Nielson and Adam Johnson
Production by More Chi Black Mountain, in affiliation with Sound Lab Films
Look Development by Lauren Fundora
Sound by Sound Lab Studios
Original Score Composed by Matthew Nielson
Recorded, Mixed, and Engineered by Adam Johnson
Strings performed by Amy Lovinger (violin) and Franklin Keele (cello).
Score recored at Sound Temple Studios by Adam Johnson and assisted by Robert George.